Posted by: Darrell | July 26, 2008

Obtaining the Visa

Contrary to popular belief (I think…), it is very quick and easy to obtain the required visa for travel from the Japanese Consulate. It took 15 mins at the actual consulate where they asked 2 questions which prompted minimal responses and I was told that it would be ready in less than 48 hours. I also requested to have it picked up by a third party and a simple signing of a form with the name of my agent and everything was set. 48 hours later, my visa was secure inside of my passport.
There are many horror stories of the administrative delay in obtaining a visa and the mistakes on the paperwork can cause even more headaches. However, either the consulate in Vancouver is very efficient and effective or those horror stories are just bs. Even SFU International scares you by telling you that you need at least 6-8 weeks wait in order to get a visa in time for your arrival. By the way, the picture was taken in macro mode with my new camera the Nikon S600.

The S600 is 10 mega pixel effective with wide angel lens and optical vibration reduction encased in a solid metal construction (except my S600 is titanium color as opposed to silver as shown in the picture). This will serve as my camera for the exchange. Maybe I should set up a flickr account…

Time to Departure: 31 Days and Counting


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