Posted by: Darrell | August 27, 2008


After flying for a few hours and during the course of the first meal I decided to be more adventurous and try something alcoholic. To my delight, my new favourite drink on the plane is JAL Skytime (a JAL propriety citrus drink) with vodka. It goes well with the food and takes the bite away from the vodka. Moreover, it is also very light and refreshing.

JAL Flight 11

JAL Flight 11

I haven’t had much time to think, but writing this entry in word on my laptop halfway through the flight provides some solitude and thinking space. My overriding feelings are that I am very excited and extremely nervous. I haven’t been away from home too much and everything I know and feel comfortable with, is suddenly non-existent.

One very important observation, I really, really need to go to the washroom, however, there is a line up 10 people deep. Note to self: Time your washroom visits away from meal times. The flight so far has been pretty good. I am sitting in the middle four seat section and only have one other person at the other end, so we have two whole seats to ourselves. Plus Seat 41D has tons of legroom, though as Seat Guru points out the proximity to the lavatory may bother some.

The plan upon arrival is that Ben is going to meet me at the airport and then we will  have something to eat and also find a place to stay for the night. Ben also has a seminar all of Thursday, so I will be exploring by myself for most of the day. I am not quite sure where to go, however, every block will be an adventure. Some of the places I do want to visit are Tsukiji fish market, the Sony Tower and also try some nightclubs in Tokyo. Although not the ultra expensive, $50 CAD equivalent cover charge, night clubs.

Arrival Board at NRT

Arrival Board at NRT

This will be the last entry incorporating a Vancouver based date stamp. All the entry henceforth will be based on Japan local time. I still haven’t figured out the time difference between Japan and Vancouver, however, it should be about Vancouver time + 15 or 16 hours. Anyways it is time to fill out some immigration documents before I begin to watch Code Geass R2.


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