Posted by: Darrell | August 31, 2008

A View from the Top


Takasaki with a backdrop of the mountains

Takasaki with a backdrop of the mountains


On Saturday (August 30), Ben and I decided to hit an onsen (hot springs). We found one relatively “close”; however, somewhat up in the mountains. Starting off as a decent day we rode bicycles to the onsen. Half way through the 5 km journey, we realized that it was 5 km UP A MOUNTAIN. It ended up being Tour de Japan, climbing up into the mountains. I am pretty sure we hit the mythical 200bpm heart rate. Well, I am not sure if we can even hit that without passing out (as our fitness isn’t exactly in top condition). All I know was that I must have dropped at least 5lbs just from that ride. Anyways, complaining aside, we arrived and had a great time at the onsen overlooking Takaski from the mountains. There were too many (naked) people there for me to take a picture so I unfortunately don’t have any pictures, but you can imagine a hot springs in the mountains overlooking the city (paradise?).

View of Maebashi City

View of Maebashi City

On my last day at Takasaki, Ben and I completed most of our errands and went shopping for some minor supplies. Over the course of this we ended up driving around the city and I managed to snap some great shots. Ben also took me to his office in the Gunma Parliament and Government Offices. At the 32 floor they had a great look point that you could see all around Gunma. You can see Maebashi (where the offices are located) and Takasaki (where Ben lives) and the backdrop of the mountains and rivers. I also managed to get some even better shots.  All in all I had a great time in Tokyo and Takasaki and I have Ben to thank for that! Everything I wanted to eat, Ben and I searched for it. All the beers I wanted to try, Ben also drank along with me. And all the places I would never have seen as a gaijin (foreigner), Ben showed me. So THANKS BEN!

Super, SuperDry Asahi

Super, SuperDry Asahi

Note: Yes, those are actually LARGE cans of beer. I am not sure but maybe 20 litres?



  1. I do what I can, I do what I can!

    I also expect the same kinda treatment when I make my way out to Osaka prolli in December!

  2. Oh yeah, by the way. Both those pictures are of the Maebashi area… hehe!

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