Posted by: Darrell | September 6, 2008


The Entrance to My House

The Entrance to My House

The move finally came, just as I was getting settled into life at Seminar House 1. In many ways, it was a great experience to be living in the Seminar House as I had never been in the dorms before. And actually, I had grown quite fond of my roommates and my routine. The biggest test from moving into homestay is whether I will be able to persevere and stay the full four months. In some respects, I sort of want to move back into Seminar Housing after 2 months so that I can experience both. I do have an escape clause, so we will see if these desires still persist after 2 months.

Fortunately I have a good family. Okaasan (Mother) speaks very good English and perfect French. Otoosan (father) works in Tokyo for a securities company. It is usually just me and Okaasan; however, they have also taken in a student from France for about two weeks. Staying here previously, the student from France has shown me around Hirakata City Station and some of his favourite places. My family is very relaxed and easy-going without many restrictions, so that makes it easier for me to adjust. Being just me and Okaasan, I do feel a little lonely at times. I would have preferred a family with children, but maybe not so much the commute. My journey to school is probably a 40min walk to a 10min bus ride, which is incredibly short compared to others. I think I will end up buying the bus pass as it cuts down on commute time and also enables easier access to see my friends at Seminar House.

The Garden at My House

The Garden at My House

The house that I am staying in is a very large house by Japanese standards and has been in the family for three generations. The garden surrounding the house is also just as large as the house if not larger, although one drawback of the garden is the constant mosquitoes. I almost did not buy the insect repellent and I am now glad that I did, even though it probably will run out long before my stay is over. I have taken more pictures lately so I do have a lot to show. In the meantime…

…first day of school starts on Monday.



  1. Dude, your host parents’ house looks amazing! I assume that you have access to internet and TV there too, eh? Hook up some more pictures of the house, I want to see MORE!

    BTW, can you find an option to disable that stupid popup preview of your pictures? It harsh gets in the way and slows things down!

  2. Darrell! You’re lucky~ Your homestay looks pretty cool =]

    I’ll bookmark your page and check back when I’m free XD

    Psst! Remember to email me a pic of yourself haha I only have your old hs pics to remember you by hahaha

  3. ….just you and okaasan eh? 😀

  4. hey man put up more pics of the house it looks cool

  5. Anonymous response, eh? Sketchy…

    Your Okaasan speaks French? I’m jealous! Although I should be here to learn Japanese, not French, French is so much easier to speak. Haven’t studied nihongo long enough really.

  6. Hi! I was so excited to find your blog!! I am hoping to study abroad in Kansai next semester. Are you staying there a whole year or only this semester? How are other people’s homestays because yours seems amazing? I’m interested in living with a Japanese family too (hopefully one with children). Do you have any advice on what to pack or do?? I can’t wait to keep reading your blog!

  7. Your setup looks amazing. The house is beautiful.

    I am still waiting for that private selection of photos you promised me.

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