Posted by: Darrell | September 15, 2008

The Beer Review 2

It is about that time again to do a special post. I also want to say thanks for all the comments that everyone has been leaving. I will start to reply to everyone’s comments from now on. So please enjoy part 2 of the Japanese Beer Review

Beer Review 2

Beer Review 2

Over the long weekend in Kobe, I had another opportunity to sample some of Japan’s finest beers. This time Liz and I sampled 5 different beers; 1 happoushu, 3 Sapporo, and 1 Kirin. The happoushu was provided by Asahi in a green can with the tagline “refreshing and style free”. The 3 Sapporos consisted of Premium Yebisu, Premium Yebisu: The Hop and Sapporo Gold Star. And the final selection was Kirin Enjuku.

Asahi Green Happoushu – we started off the night with a lighter happoushu hoping to lead to more robust, full beers. The Asahi Green has a strong scent and very distinct initial taste. However, the end notes were very dry and no lingering after taste. As advertised, the Asahi was crisp and refreshing and the price was the best part; at half the price of the other beers.

Sapporo Premium Yebisu (the tall golden can) – the large can provided a less distinct initial taste than the Asahi, but contained a stronger after taste. The Yebisu also felt more carbonated with a richer palette than the Asahi. The Yebisu beers have a long history and a Sapporo factory tour can be found right in Tokyo at the Ebisu JR Station.

Sapporo Premium Yebisu: The Hop – The first impression of the The Hop was the strong and robust taste from start to finish. The Hop provided the most flavour of the night, although it was not our favourite. It was very hoppy (as advertised!) and very carbonated. Like its golden brother, the Yebisu beer is great beer with a long history.

Sapporo Gold Star – this beer was sampled at the tail end of the night and thus did not invoke any strong feelings or emotions. The beer is not at the top of the pack, nor at the bottom. However, on price point our selection would go to the Asahi.

Kirin Enjuku – surprisingly we came to a consensus on the best beer of the night. The Kirin was a dark horse as I have previously has some less than satisfying experiences with Kirin. However, much to our delight the Enjuku provided great taste, nothing too strong or too weak. The unique Kirin after taste also wasn’t overly present and this beer went down refreshingly smooth. Regardless of price, this beer was the best of the night and we would have gladly chosen this over the Asahi even though it was twice as much. This Kirin is highly recommended and worth checking out.



  1. The Kirin we have here sucks massive testes, so regardless how great it is in Japan. I still give it a 100 out of a ten, 10 being the worst.

  2. I agree, imported Kirin sucks, but JDM Kirin is great. There are so many varieties of Kirin that you are bound to find something that suits you.

  3. For Happoushu, Enjuku-kuro (dark) is well worth the price!

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