Posted by: Darrell | September 26, 2008

Bar Stars

At Sam & Dave's Night Club in Osaka

At Sam & Dave

If sitting on the banks of the Kamo river is the perfect way to spend an evening in Kyoto, than the Osaka equivalent is all night clubbing! Overnight Osaka in 3 simple steps:
1. Take the last train heading to Osaka
2. Party all night
3. Take the first train heading back home (breakfast optional)

So we left at about 10:45 got to the club at around 11:30-12:00. Initially it was me, one other guy and 6 girls, which along the way ballooned to 13 girls; half of them Japanese and the other half foreign exchange students. Even though the dance floor was majority guys, I couldn’t care less as I had come with more than enough girls.

Outside the club

Outside the club

The club isn’t overly large (maybe 300 people), but the atmosphere was excellent. There were some gaijin scattered around, along with salarymen, students and b-boys/girls. The music was generally a mix of house, hip hop and top 40. And other than a couple of odd slow songs, the mix was awesome. The drinks weren’t overly expensive, same price as back home and cover was $20 which included 2 drinks.

I still can’t believe I partied all night (and was able to stay awake); only in Japan! (And well, maybe Europe, not that I would know anyways). The next day I was super tired (obviously), but it was still a great night. This probably won’t be a weekly thing (unlike some of the girls that came in my group), but I will definitely go back a few more times. Fortunately, Hirakata city is located in between Osaka and Kyoto and it is about a 35 min trip either way, so I can fully enjoy the Kansai area. From banks of the river in Kyoto, to the all night clubs Osaka, I am having an amazing time!!~

More pictures at Sam and Dave's

More pictures at Sam and Dave

Breakfast after clubbing

Breakfast after clubbing



  1. mmmmm 🙂

  2. Christ dude, save some of the girls for the real pimps! What’s this “2 guys and 13 girls” stuff all about? Only I can really pull that off, son! 😉

    P.S. Looking forward to visiting. Prolli be in December sometime so make sure you save a weekend open, eh!

  3. LOL@Ben
    Where are the photos with you in it?

  4. YOOOOOO Happy Birthday man? or is it be-lated? close enough right?

  5. I hope your having a good one

  6. sukebe

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