Posted by: Darrell | October 5, 2008

Nara Day Trip

Deers that roam free around Nara

Deers that roam free around Nara

While the popularity of Osaka and Kyoto often take away from Nara, it is still quite a nice city to visit and has completely different sights and atmosphere than its more popular regional competition. While Osaka is big city glitz and Kyoto is historical ancient capital, Nara is best described a small town with important temples and shrines against nature and deers.

Todaiji Temple

Todaiji Temple

Since I hadn’t really planned a trip to Nara, I decided to join a school arranged tour of Nara led by local KGU students. The trip was super fun and I made a few new friends on the trip, which is always a plus! We started off with lunch in the deer park which is one of the main attractions of Nara. However, be warned that the deers can be aggressive especially if you have food. We then headed off to Todaiji temple which is the most important temple in Nara and houses an incredibly large Buddha inside an even larger wooden structure (in fact, the largest wooden structure in the world). We then went to Shosin, Kaijinsho and finally to Gojyu-no-tou, a 5 story pagoda. A weird observation I made is that you can never enter the pagodas, which is something I am willing to pay money for. But anyways, they make great pictures.
All in all, a fun trip! Enjoy the pictures.


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