Posted by: Darrell | October 24, 2008

A Hard Nights Clubbing

I apologize that my updates have been far and few in between, but I will be going to Okinawa this weekend so keep posted as I will blog a mega 5 part series based on the trip!

Osaka Gundam Store

Osaka Gundam Store

There hasn’t been a lot going on recently. Every weekend is something different, but nothing entirely blog worthy. When I first got here every day was blog worthy, but I guess my daily routine now isn’t quite as interesting a story to compel me to write. But don’t get me wrong, I am having fun everyday and each day always brings something new and exciting. Japan never ceases to amaze me.

Recently I went to Den Den town in Osaka, which is the Osaka equivalent of Akihabara, the mega electronics district. Let’s start off by saying that to speak of Den Den town and Akihabara in the same breath would be an insult to Akihabara. It is absolutely nothing compared to Akihabara. If you were really desperate to find electronics then go, but I think Yodoyabashi Umeda has everything you need, although not quite as cheap. The one thing I can show from Den Den town is the Ultimate Gundam store, which is pretty cool.

The Lounge Area in Grand Cafe

The Lounge Area in Grand Cafe

I also went clubbing overnight again in Osaka. This time we went to Grand Café in Shinsaibashi, the main entertainment district. This club was substantially larger than Sam & Dave’s, but also a lot more expensive. Initially it was only like 40 of us gaijin, but by the time 1am came around, the club was so packed that you couldn’t move around without really having to squeeze yourself by everyone.

The Dance Floor at Grand Cafe

The Dance Floor at Grand Cafe

The music wasn’t too bad, but there were quite a lot of underground hip hop stuff and not enough house and top 40. The mix of people was also generally more b-boys and b-girls. However, as with most of Japan, everyone is super friendly and before you know it, you are having a riot with the girls order beside you. Grand Café also has an ultra chic lounge and does play host to some of the biggest DJs in the world including, Kaskade. If you want a big room, big money clubbing experience, try Grand Café. But if the small, local, friendly club is your thing, then stick to Sam & Dave’s



  1. Yo dorrol! haha just playin’! since your japan, go say hi to mayu! she’ll show some gaijin love…

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