Posted by: Darrell | November 1, 2008

The International Festival

Students advertising for their club

Students advertising for their club

Every university (or school for that matter) in Japan holds a school festival where all the various clubs and circles come out and do performances and also sell some food for fundraising. It is quite a big event that usually brings out the entire surrounding community including the media. If you have never experience anything like it, I would best compare it to the PNE, although on a university sized (smaller) scale. There are tons of things to do and also lots of great food to eat.

With Kansai Gaidai (関西外大) having such a large international exchange program, the Center for International Education also puts on an International Festival concurrently with the school festival.

The School Festival

The School Festival

The school festival is open to the general public and it is usually a chance for all the clubs/circles to raise money while also performing for an audience. It is like a night market, except it happens during the day and the only thing sold is food. So maybe not quite like a night market, but anyways, it gives you an idea.

It was a great festival and another one of those “only in Japan” moments.


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