Posted by: Darrell | November 16, 2008

The Golden Temple and the Rock Garden

Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavillion)

Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavillion)

More famously known as Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavillion) and Ryoanji. These two are a stone’s throw away from another (no pun intended) and are quite a trip out of the Kyoto Core. These two temples are definitely on any Kyoto’s must visit list and are both some of the most celebrated and photographed places in Kyoto.

Kinkakuji with the Yellow Maple Leaves

Kinkakuji with the Yellow Maple Leaves

I chose to see them a little later stay during my stay, one, because it is always more beautiful with the maples leaves and two, because it is quite an adventure to get to them involving, one train, one subway and one street car ride followed by a 15-20 min walk. However, I chose a great season and a beautiful day to visit.

Ryoanji Rock Garden

Ryoanji Rock Garden

There isn’t much more to say as there is so much written about them. Enjoy my pictures, however, if you are ever in Japan, you have to see their beauty and splendour in person as my picture or any pictures could never do them justice.


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