Posted by: Darrell | November 22, 2008

Osaka Sunset

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

Through all my travels, the one place that doesn’t really receive much mention is Osaka. To be honest, Osaka isn’t quite as beautiful at Kyoto, nor as metropolitan as Tokyo or as culturally diverse as Fukuoka. However, Osaka is the heart of the Kansai area and is a great city in its own right.

I finally got to spend some time in the “Tokyo of the West” aside from the shopping in Namba and the clubbing in Shinsaibashi. Along with Bao, we first went to Osaka castle and was floored by its majestic beauty. However, that’s where the praise stopped. Inside, Osaka castle is actually a modern building and you can’t help but feel a little cheated. Tile floors, marble staircases, stainless steel elevators, minimalist decor it seemed more like a museum rather than a castle. The view from the top wasn’t anything spectacular either, although I can’t complain too much since it was free for exchange students. If you really want the castle experience head to Himeji, if you just want to see a castle go to Osaka Castle, but don’t pay to go inside.

Sunset from the Umeda Sky Building

Sunset from the Umeda Sky Building

Following the less than spectacular view, we headed to Umeda Sky Building hoping to end the day better than it started. Umeda Sky Building is located in Umeda (obviously!) and is one of the tallest buildings in the area with an unobstructed view of almost all of Osaka. The sunset, well that is a completely different story. I have to say that the sunset from the Sky Building more than makes up for all the short comings of Osaka Castle and well… Osaka city for that matter ( although it really isn’t that bad, I just make it sound worse than it actually is but it is kind of hard being Osaka when you have a much more beautiful sister right next to you; Kyoto). Out of all the views I have experienced so far, this has to be right up there and this really is a highlight of Osaka.

Osaka at Night

Osaka at Night

So then, a hard city to fall in love with, but with just one sunset Osaka can really shine.



  1. Great shot!
    This is a fantastic and beautiful!

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