Posted by: Darrell | November 23, 2008

Kobe Sunset

Kobe Port

Kobe Port

Kobe never ceases to amaze me. Although I came here near the beginning of the semester on my first ever weekend excursion, it really left an impression that I vowed to come back. And I did, with Xo. During the first trip that I took to Kobe, I really got explore a lot of the city, but never spent quality in any of the places. Kobe is great because you can walk across the whole town in a couple of hours without ever having to rely on transit.
This time, I decided to spend more time in Chinatown, Kobe Port and Mosaic Gardens.  Although Chinatown has the commercial glitzy feel, it does have some great street side food. It is always a nice place to walk around and also a passing point to get to Kobe Port from Sannomiya Station by foot.

Sunset over the industrial section of Kobe Port

Sunset over the industrial section of Kobe Port

Kobe Port on the other hand is amazing. The last time I came, we reached the port by dusk and only viewed it from Kobe Tower (still amazing). However, this time we managed to get there during the day and walk around Merikin Park (more amazing, yes…”amazing” is the buzz word for this post). The park looks brand new and very beautiful, but slightly hidden at one end of the park is a sad reminder of the Great Hanshin Earthquake that destroyed Kobe. This is definitely a part of the park that should not be missed. The greatest thing about the park is that it is all linked from the park to the port to Mosaic Gardens and this is a great walking path.

Sunet over the bay

Sunset over the bay

This time I also got to take a harbour cruise around the bay and timed it so that we cruised to the sunset. Once again, another unforgettable moment; cruising the harbour and watching the sun disappear over Kobe (even more amazing!).


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