Posted by: Darrell | December 21, 2008


Fukuoka Coastline as seen from the top of Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka Coastline as seen from the top of Fukuoka Tower

Or otherwise known as Fukuwaka in the movie Lost in Translation, the center of Western Japan, Fukuoka is a richly historical city. Split into Fukuoka and Hakata, this was the second destination on our Farewell Japan Trip. I had always wanted to come to Kyushu and in order to go anywhere else in Kyushu by train you must transit at Hakata station. A short train ride from Kita Kyushu, this was our first major foray into the Kyushu region and culture.

Waiting for the ultimate ramen experience

Waiting for the ultimate ramen experience

Fukuoka is unique from the other major commercial centres of Japan in that it  is more culturally unique due to its greater distance from former Imperial rule. Also being the closest major city to Korea and other Asian countries, Fukuoka has some distinct food and influences. One of those being ramen, tonkontsu ramen. Not wanting to miss out on the ultimate ramen experience we waited about 30 mins to have a bowl (well, two for myself) in one of Fukuoka’s most famous and established ramen joints.

Canal Gardens

Canal City

Oddly warm, but pouring rain, we headed to discover Fukuoka’s amazingly beautiful beaches and coastline. What temples and shrines are to Kyoto, beaches and ocean are to Fukuoka. From the top of Fukuoka tower, we were able to view the amazing beauty even on a rainy day. Heading back into the city, we also experienced the big city aspect of Fukuoka in the form of Canal City. A massive mall with everything from discounter Muji to designer boutiques, the mall was insanely beautiful and awe inspiring at the same time. While we only had one day to spend in Fukuoka, we were captivated by it’s ocean beauty and chic retailing.



  1. You forgot to mention dinner. It was really good – fresh edamame, saba sashimi and even the motsu (pig intestine) nabe wasn’t too bad.

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