Posted by: Darrell | December 25, 2008


Mt. Fuji seen from the Shinkansen

Mt. Fuji seen from the Shinkansen

After spending a final night at my home stay with Liz, we set off on the Shinkansen with the plan to spend our day in Nagoya before heading to Kawaguchiko and Mt. Fuji. During the train ride, we were given a sneak peak of Mt. Fuji which look majestic peaking just above the clouds.

Nagoya City

Nagoya City

Upon arriving, the first thing you notice is that Nagoya is big, and not just big like any other city in Japan, but massive in the size of roads and usage of automobiles. However, Nagoya is the car capital of Japan and second home of Toyota (the first being Toyota city itself). With limited time, we decided to go and see Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology.

The Toyota Museum

The Toyota Museum

The museum is a short train ride and walk from Nagoya Station and showcases the history of Toyota from it’s loom manufacturing days under the Toyoda name and then it’s emergence as a car maker. Everything is also provided in English and the second half of the museum is a car lover’s dream. The first half with the loom manufacturing was interesting, but soon became pretty repetitive. The second half showcasing the cars of Toyota was very technical in nature. From the mechanics and workings of every single part of a car, the museum was amazing in displaying the dynamic innovation of the various components and also the manufacturing process of the car. While probably not for the casual car lover, the museum is very informative and gave great insight into Toyota. While that was pretty much all we got to do in Nagoya, it was plain to see that beyond the technology and manufacturing heritage of city, Nagoya really doesn’t offer quite as much as Tokyo or Kansai.


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