Posted by: Darrell | December 28, 2008

Tokyo – Historic by Day, Majestic by Night

Tokyo by Night

Tokyo by Night

There is no bigger a city in Japan than Tokyo. The penultimate stop on our Farewell Japan tour, we also managed to meet up with Hanh and enjoy some of the most famous places in the city. We started off at the Meji Shrine, one of the most famous and busiest shrines in all of Japan. Dedicated to the late Emperor Meji, the shrine plays host to all of Tokyo during the New Years celebrations. In the jungle of building and concrete, the Meji Shrine is surrounded by a beautiful, rare forest that provides a buffer from the modern to the historic.

Meji Shrine

Meji Shrine

Another famous shrine in Japan is the Asakusa Shrine. Unlike the Meji Shrine, the Asakusa Shrine is located smack in the middle of the busy Asakusa district. With an array of colors, lanterns and hazy smoke, the Asakusa shrine is the complete opposite of the serene, quiet Meji.While the Shrine is the main attraction, the Asakusa district is awash with many interesting street side vendors and shops.

Asakusa Shrine

Asakusa Shrine

The Asakusa district is also located right beside the Sumida river, the lifeblood of Tokyo. As recommended by my host family, we boarded a boat and cruised down the river just as the sun was setting. The views were amazing from the boat as we witnessed day turn into night. The river connects the Asakusa district to the Minato and Akasaka district, home of the Tokyo Tower. While the Tokyo Tower is an observation deck in it of itself, we opted for the World Trade Centre in Tokyo to instead photograph Tokyo Tower. Cheaper and less crowded, the WTC  is definitely recommended as we managed to capture some amazing night shots of Tokyo along with the infinite glow of Tokyo Tower. Sadly at this point we had to bid Hanh farewell but like it had always been, Liz and I continued into the unknown.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

We finished off the amazing evening in Shinjuku enjoying some Okinawa cuisine. And as a toast to the city that never sleeps we had drinks at the Park Hyatt Tokyo lounge, the location of the movie Lost in Translation. Much like the movie, we were drawn into city that captivates during the day and seduces during the night, the city where being lost is a journey and friendships are defined by the adventure.





Cruising along the Sumida River in Tokyo










Tokyo 11

The Colorful Bridges of Tokyo











Another night view of Tokyo



  1. wow. just wow at the photo’s of the city – i’m a real sucker for bright lights lol

    Very Cool!

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