Posted by: Darrell | December 30, 2008

Tokyo at Daybreak, Tokyo at Nightfall

The crowds at Tsukiji Fish Market

The crowds at Tsukiji Fish Market

For our last day in Tokyo we combined the early morning fish market with the late night clubbing. The best of both worlds, while only hours apart but strikingly different. The morning consisted of waking up at 5AM to get to the Tsukiji fish market in time for the 6AM auction. Unfortunately with a select few (idiot) gaijin ruining it for the rest of us, the city of Tokyo banned tourists from the fish auction as the Christmas/New Years period was the busiest time of the year. So while we did go to the fish market early in the morning we ended up missing out on the best part. However, all was not lost as the market was still an array of marine life. We even got glimpses of the massive frozen tuna fishes.

The Bank of Japan

The Bank of Japan

After the early morning adventure we visit the business section of the city hoping to see the Bank of Japan and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Nikkei), but like everything else, it was closed during the New Years holiday period (yeah, period not just a single day or even two days but an entire couple of weeks). However, the architecture of the business district was a nice enough consolation. With imposing columns and grandeur buildings, the commercial district really signified money and wealth.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

While on our way to go clubbing we noticed that Roppongi was only a short distance from Tokyo Tower and we headed there for some up close and personal pictures. Following that (and constantly avoiding the shady black guys trying sell you things or take you somewhere) we ended up in the notorious Roppongi clubbing area. Being optimistic and hoping most of the horrible stuff said about Roppongi wasn’t true, we were unfortunately proven wrong. While trying to avoid the constant barrage of shadiness, we saw more Westerners acting stupidly than Japanese partying. And the club we ended up at, Gas Panic, wasn’t much better. However, regardless of the environment everything is still an adventure. So while I will always remember the crazy clubbing nights in Osaka, I will never forget (nor return to) the gaijin central of Roppongi.


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