This blog is dedicated to my exchange to Kansai Gaidai University (KGU) in Osaka, Japan. The exchange was a refreshing experience as I got to take a sabbatical from work and discover a world beyond my office. This was the main way I kept in contact with everyone from work, school and my friends and family. I also hope to provide advice to future students going on exchange to KGU and also any students going abroad.

Upon my return from exchange, I was inspired to continue traveling and exploring the rest of the world. With new friends around the world and different perspective in life, I started a contination of this blog detailing my world wide travels. It can be found at DarrellaroundtheWorld.wordpress.com.

Thanks for reading my blog and please leave a comment!

Banner Picture: A view of Kyoto from Kodaiji at dusk

***Note all pictures in the blog are taken by me with a Nikon CoolPix S600 10 megapixel camera. These pictures are my personal property and if you would like to use them or take them off my page for non-commercial usage, please just send me a quick note. Thanks!



  1. Hey Darrel, just come across ure blog and must say its really interesting! I’m planning on going to KGU in fall of 2009 and have already begun documenting the entire application process (as well as other antics) at my blog “Road to Japan”.

    So yeah just wanna say, i’m lovin ure blog, keep updating!!! I can’t wait to be in your shoes next year!


  2. I seriously can’t help but return to this blog! So envious of your Japan endeavours!!!!!

    Btw, i’m adding a link to your blog on mine over at http://www.road2japan.com! (Domain name change lol)

    Any chance of getting on your blogroll????

  3. Hey Darrell,

    Yeah i’d love all that info! I take it it’s emailable? haha I’ve thrown in my email here in the response thingo, i’m not sure if you are able to see it or not… if not, let me know and i’ll get it to you. Thanks for your help!

    Oh yeah and I’ve got HEAPS of questions, i’ll probably compile a huge list and send em your way lol i’m so stoked, only 4 months till i leave!!

    But yeah, i’ve got a link to ure blog over at mine so i’m gonna keep on checkin in to see what you get up to! It’s blogs like these that make the Japan fever worse!! hahaha

    Take it easy,


  4. Hi Darrell,

    I’m the Modern Scholar Series Coordinator at Recorded Books, LLC. I’d like to discuss one of your images from your Darrell in Japan blog for use in one of our audio lecture courses: “Brewmaster’s Art: The History and Science of Beermaking” by Professor Charles Bamforth of the University of California-Davis. If you could contact me via email, I’d appreciate it greatly.



  5. Hi there,

    I couldn’t send you a mail to darrell_soccer[at]hotmail[dot]com, so here is the body of what I wanted to send you.

    I wanted to discuss with you the possibility of using one of your photographs from your blog. The photograph I would use would be this one :

    I’m a student and I’ve been assigned the task of developping a website, and design it. I would like to have this picture as the website background. It’s not for a commercial usage, although I intend to put my website online: I decided to complete the assignment and do a favour to my Karate club and make them a website at the same time.

    I was thus looking for nice “Japanese-like” images to use as the background when I found your very nice blog. I have found many photographs that I think would totally suit my website such as the one above, or others like those featuring gardens or castles.

    Anyway, I would like your permission to use the picture (or possibly the pictures?) for my website. As I said, I won’t get any money from this – perhaps a slight increase of my marks at most!

    I will use the picture for the assignment tomorrow Monday 23th of November. The website isn’t deployed on the internet yet, and I will wait for your reply before deploying it with your picture(s). Until then it will remain on my computer.

    If you want to know the address of the website once it is up on the Internet, I’ll send it to you as soon as I have found a suitable host.


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